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Actor Yahoo Serious, who rose to fame in the 1988 hit film Young Einstein, knocked back $3.1 million for his Palm Beach house when it went to midweek auction through LJ Hooker agent David Edwards.

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Feb 11, 2019. Ok, we all love Yahoo Serious, but we've all missed the guy a fair bunch after he retired from filmmaking, and in turn, public life. Well, for one.

Albert Einstein is the son of a Tasmanian apple farmer, who discovers the secret of. Young Einstein ( 1988 ) on Netflix. Yahoo Serious as Albert Einstein.

Look no further than our 35 most popular stories of 2017. In case you weren’t obsessively. Hollywood’s Brief Love Affair With Young Einstein Star Yahoo Serious The Australia-born "star" made just.

Young Einstein was an oddity. Yahoo Serious wrote, directed and starred in the film. A lover of absurdist comedy, Serious came up with a story etched out of the.

Australian comedian Yahoo Serious stars and directs this low budget irreverent comedy. A surreal take on the life of Albert Einstein, the movie stars Serious as the famed scientist. In this version of.

“Great Southern Land” is a single released by the Australian rock. Peaking at number five on the Australian Singles Chart, it was later featured in the 1988 Yahoo Serious film Young Einstein, and.

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Jul 27, 2018. The popularity of the 1988 "Young Einstein" propelled Yahoo Serious to a short lived stardom, the turns 65 today.

Screen Australia today announced it would back $5.7m (A$8m) war movie Beneath Hill 60, the only feature to secure. Roach co-wrote all the features that have been made by Yahoo Serious, including.

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I’ll just leave that there. *** Because I’m an idiot, I braved a slow satellite lag to ask the stars of NatGeo’s Albert Einstein biopic Genius if they looked to Yahoo Serious’ Young Einstein for.

Pead, who changed his name to Yahoo Serious in 1980, catapulted to international stardom after the box office bonanza of his 1988 debut Young Einstein. The success of that film, which recast history’s.

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Watch Young Einstein movie trailer and get the latest cast info, photos, movie. To say that Yahoo Serious (nee Greg Pead), the Australian writer, director,

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The filmmaker Yahoo Serious, who became a household name with his 1988 hit film Young Einstein, has been caught in the maelstrom, again withdrawing his Palm Beach residence from auction this week. It.

Australian actor Yahoo Serious came out of nowhere to conquer Hollywood with the 1989 hit 'Young Einstein.' Then, just as quickly as he appeared,

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and starring Geoffrey Rush as an older Einstein (with Johnny Flynn playing the young Einstein part, popularized by Yahoo Serious). Anyway, here’s an extended trailer, giving us a first look at the.

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As writer/director/co-producer, Yahoo Serious (born Greg Pead) casts himself as turn-of-the-century entreprenueur Albert Einstein, who creates the theory of atomic energy in order to put bubbles into.

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Nov 13, 2018. How The Go-Betweens and Yahoo Serious contributed to Paul Kelly's classic. The commercial success of Young Einstein – it was the highest.

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Young Einstein. 1988 | 91 min. Growing up on an apple farm in Tasmania, youthful Albert Einstein (Yahoo Serious) makes various scientific discoveries and.

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Who’s the real Yahoo? A global Internet company or Australian comic actor? The Federal Court will be asked to decide when it hears a case brought by actor and director Yahoo Serious against. known.

I’m sure I’d have been scrutinized for my warped, sick sense of humor. Young Einstein is a classic live action cartoon in every perceived sense of the word. Its too bad Yahoo Serious never realized.

Jan 14, 2017. TCA Winter Press Tour Day 9 Quotes: Young Einstein, Matthew Perry's. Highlights from the day include a Yahoo Serious reference, the initial.

But, of course, they didn’t. Here’s where the story gets interesting. “Around the same time, Yahoo Serious was doing his movie Young Einstein and looking for songs,” Kelly said. “I knew him through a.

His star may be fading, but he has plenty of previously earned clout left. The Australian import ”Young Einstein” failed to establish Yahoo Serious as the next Paul Hogan-or Pee-wee Herman. He`ll be.

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5.Yahoo Serious The decidedly unserious Mr. Yahoo who changed his name from Greg Read by deed poll in 1980 brought to the world “Young Einstein” – a very liberal. Australia’s Number 1 vlogger at.

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