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Aldona Wiacek (2006-2008 Marie-Curie Fellow), subsequently Associate Professor of Environmental. Bernhard Zobrist (2005-2011 PhD student + Postdoc), subsequently Secondary School Teacher at Schule.

This idea has also inspired the European Marie-Curie Research Training Network "Disorders and Coherence of the Embodied Self" (DISCOS), a consortium of 10 European research facilities which organizes.

As part of the Marie Skłodowska Curie Action (MSCA), which has just been launched, 15 young researchers investigate biodegradable magnesium implants. The project is coordinated by the Helmholtz.

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Caco-2 Cells Morphology We developed an image-based analytical technique to phenotype mitochondrial morphology in different cancers. we next analyzed adherent (A2780, A549, Caco-2, OVCA-429, Panc-1) and non-adherent cell. Immediately on receipt, check culture vessels for damage and examine cells under an inverted microscope for evidence of contamination, cell condition/density and appropriate morphology. such as NIH. Cellular morphology and

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The ISTplus postdoc program is funded through the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions, a type of co-funding for regional, national and international programs that finance fellowships involving mobility to.

will conduct within the Marie-Curie Programme the Fourth Green Week Scientific Conference titled: Challenges of Education and Innovation on the 13th and 14th of January 2010 at the ICC International.

After a postdoctoral stay with Rafael Yuste at Columbia University, he became a Marie Curie Reintegration Fellow in 2010, in the laboratory of Wulfram Gerstner at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de.

Toward the end of 2004, he joined the group of Prof. Marc Vrakking at AMOLF in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Here, supported by a Marie-Curie stipend of the European Union, he started to investigate.

The Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Central and Eastern Europe (IAMO) together with its partners within the Marie-Curie Programme. Conference will concentrate on the processes of.

Marie Curie Fellow at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, thrilled the audience with her outstanding communication skills – astrophysics never seemed easier; in Singapore, Dr Phanramphoei.

This is supported by the EU Marie Curie Early Stage Training Project ADVATEC (Advanced Training in Hybrid Technologies for Nanostructured Composites) Free admission to all lectures.

The Institute of Physics at the University of Augsburg successfully acquired roughly half a million Euros for two PhD-projects as part of an ‘Innovative Training Network (ITN)’ under the Marie.

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The Franklin Institute in Philadephia has awarded the 2010 Benjamin Franklin Medal in Physics to Professor Ignacio Cirac, Director at Max Planck. Nobel Prize winners such as Albert Einstein and.

0103452]. It represents an Irish-German driven project, funded by an IRCSET-Marie Curie International Mobility Fellowships in Science, Engineering and Technology awarded to S.J. Puechmaille. © S.J.

The European Union is funding three new projects – Innovative Training Networks (ITN) within the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Programme – for structured doctoral training at Goethe University Frankfurt.

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The young researcher has received numerous awards. She was Honorary Scholar of the Cambridge European Trust (1999-2002), Wellcome Trust Prize Student (2000-2002) and twice Marie Curie Fellow (2007,

Sergio Espeso Gil 2, 3 Sergio Espeso Gil trained as an undergraduate in neuroscience at the Faculty of Medicine of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain, and the Université Pierre and Marie Curie,

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Project partners are the University of Leipzig, Germany, Universita Ca‘ Foscari Venice, Italy, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden, the Parisian Universities Pierre-et-Marie Curie.

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Riebesell (GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, Germany), J.-P. Gattuso (CNRS Laboratory of Oceanography of Villefranche sur Mer and Université Pierre et Marie Curie-Paris 6, France), T. F.

An international research team at Deutsches Museum and the Museum for Plaster Casts Munich sets out to investigate the contribution of ancient weaving to the history of science. After two years as.

The project by the name of FLiACT has been awarded four years of EU-funding through the Marie Curie Actions program. The participating partners are working on various complementary aspects of.

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Nova Speech Pathology Masters Prerequisites The BU master of science program in Speech-Language Pathology enables students to fulfill the requirements for professional. the basis for research and clinical work in speech, language and hearing. A.T. Still University’s (ATSU) Post-Professional Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT-P), often referred to in the United States as a transitional (tDPT) program, is a custom degree