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Dynojet Power Commander V - 15-027- SALE

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Dynojet Power Commander V - 15-027- SALE

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Product OverviewDynojet Power Commander V - 15-027- SALE
Get more options than ever to optimize power and the best performance for your motorcycle with the Dynojet Power Commander V aftermarket fuel management system. At less than half the size of the Power Commander III, you get -100 to more than +250 fuel change range, you can switch between two maps on the fly, and you get 10 throttle position columns. Adjust fuel and timing based your engine temperature with the unique cold-start feature. Powers up with USB cable. Analog input allows you to build adjustment tables based on input such as boost or temperature using a 0-5 volt sensor. Check your state's emission compliance rules before purchasing—cannot be used in California. This part cannot be returned. Manufacturing defects must be addressed through the manufacturer.

• Half the size of the PC III

• Map adjust based on gear/speed

• -100 - 250+ fuel change range

• 10 throttle position columns

• On the fly switching between 2 different maps

• Cold-start feature

• Illegal in CA

• No returns

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