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Containing the archives and library of the field research departments of the California Academy. the Department of Herpetology. The library, which dates back to the founding in 1853, is devoted to.

Washington, November 26 (ANI): In a new study, researchers have tried to explain the various reasons behind why animals who stay in colder climates are. said Kyle Ashton, a herpetologist at the.

Although not particularly majestic to behold in scale or artistry, the stones of the so-called “Druid Circles” hiding in the trees near the California Academy of Sciences actually have an impressive.

Moore Science as a Way of Knowing lecture at the University of California, Riverside on Feb. 11. biology (“evo-devo”), Carroll is a member of the National Academy of Sciences and a fellow of both.

A middle school joke? No, it’s a new species of stinkhorn mushroom discovered on the African island of Sao Tome and named after Robert Drewes, Curator of Herpetology at the California Academy of.

A beloved member of the San Francisco Bohemian Club over four decades and a senior docent at the California Academy of Sciences, Dr. Scott died June 18 at home with his family by his side. He was 89.

While most visitors to the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park are ogling the albino alligator, those in the know are looking through the over 315,000 specimens from 175 countries that.

In an effort to help address this critical need for data about the diversity and distribution of life on our planet, scientists from the California Academy of Sciences have spent. However,

In an international collaboration, researchers led by Matthew Levin of the California Academy of Sciences and Stephen Samuel of Trinity. of venom and between 94,000 and 125,000 will result in death.

In 1997, he joined the California Academy of Sciences as an Assistant Curator in the Department of Herpetology and became an Associate Curator in 2000. Dr. Slowinski was also elected to the Fellowship.

One leading herpetologist believes that natural selection is. an expert on venomous snakes at the California Academy of Sciences. "For decades in the American West, people have killed rattlesnakes.

Steven Platt, a herpetologist for the Wildlife Conservation Society. according to a study published Monday in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Their feathers reveal historical air.

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co-director of Citizen Science at the California Academy of Sciences. Only Cape Town, South Africa (No. 1), followed by Hong Kong and Houston found more species than L.A. From April 26-29, so-called.

"Very, very carefully," say the curators and collection managers of the California Academy of Sciences, who are about to start months. Jens Vindum, collections manager of herpetology who in 10 days.

12 while leading an expedition in the jungles of northern Burma. He was 38. As associate curator of herpetology at the California Academy of Sciences, Dr. Slowinski was known as a bold, high-spirited.

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“I am utterly delighted. The funny thing is that it is the second smallest known mushroom in this genus and it grows sideways, almost limp,” said Drewes, who is curator of herpetology at the.

Photo by: Jack Dumbacher/California Academy of Sciences. Forget marsupials. support to Fauna & Flora International (FFI), whose researchers — along with herpetologists from Zoological Research.

"Just get rid of the needles," said Lewin, the director of the Center for Exploration and Travel Health at the California Academy of Sciences. Instead of grappling with cumbersome syringes and.

Others include a “bejeweled” pit viper and a blue-eyed frog. A flamboyant new Philippine nudibranch from the genus Halgerda. © California Academy of Sciences A marine expedition by American and.